National Memorial Site

It was declared as a National Memorial Site on 24 March 2020. The "Collis Sacer" is the center of the Diocese of Győr. It is also a religious, historical and cultural place in Győr, where sanctity, history and culture can be felt in a special way. The buildings, the monuments, the invaluable sacral artefacts - forming an integral unit with each other - have been left to us as the thousand-year-old heritage of the Diocese. Every year, tens of thousands of tourists and pilgrims visit the historic core of the city. Due to these facts the National Assembly declared the Chapter Hill as a National Memorial Site in recognition of its decisive role in the history of the nation.

There is a uniform way to distinguish memorial sights in the country; by erecting so-called steles and memorial columns. The monuments also inform the public about the significance of these sites.

The ceremonial inauguration of the stele marking the National Memorial Site of the Chapter Hill and the remaining parts of the castle took place in April 2022. It is the first thing that visitors can see coming from the Dunakapu Square.