The Stations of the Cross in downtown Győr

The local open-air Stations of the Cross in downtown Győr was designed on one-kilometer-long circle way, with 14 stations. Its first station was placed in front of the János Brenner Theological College, on the wall of the house number 9 at the Chapter Hill. It was blessed by Bishop dr. András Veres on 15 April 2019, Easter Monday.  It was requested that the chosen artists should make their appointed stations by their own concepts and with artistic material that they are experts in.

The Stations:

  1. Káptalandomb 9. (9. Chapter Hill) - György Lipcsey: The Judgment (statuette)

  2. Káptalandomb 15. (15. Chapter Hill) - László Kurcsis: Jesus takes up his Cross (graphics)
  3. Ányos Jedlik Street 3. - Éva Babos: Jesus falls for the first time (painting)
  4. Dunakapu square 6. - István Csizmadia: Mother, my time has come (painting)
  5. Apáca street 12. - László Kurcsis: You can be Simon, too. (graphics)
  6. Flóris Rómer Museum of Art and History, Apátúr House - Ferenc Lebó: Veronica wipes the face of Jesus (statuette)
  7. Ferenc Liszt Street 1. - Erzsébet Csurák: Jesus falls the second time (painting)
  8. Benedictine Monastery - Péter Kis: ” Do not weep for me, but weep for yourselves and for your children” (statuette)
  9. Gábor Baross Street 4. - Péter Kis: Jesus falls the third time (statuette)
  10. Carmelite Church - Ákos Horváth: Jesus is stripped of his garments (statuette)
  11. Bécsi kapu Square 11. - Márton Szabó: Jesus is nailed to the Cross (statuette)
  12. Káptalandomb 2. (2. Chapter Hill) - Károly Borbély: Jesus dies on the Cross (painting)
  13. Káptalandomb 3. (3. Chapter Hill) - János Lipovics: Jesus is placed in His Mother’s arms (statuette)
  14. Cathedral Basilica of the Assumption of Our Lady - Ágnes Babos: Jesus is laid in the tomb (painting)